Of Blogs and Stars

Of Blogs and Stars

I remember when I was a kid, I used to jump out of joy when I get a star. Every kid would die for a star. The more stars, the merrier. My teacher used to stamp it on my hand or draw it on my palm. Of course I show it to my classmates. Show off it may seem, but I’m just too proud to receive a star. It means I’m very good. It makes me happy. I actually let it stay marked on my skin for the longest time possible. As a kid I’m pretty full of excitement to share my achievements to the world. Extremely fired up to make my family proud of me, to make everybody proud of me.

I know you want a star!

I just love rewards. Everybody does. It comes in different forms. And a star is just perfect. At school, students are proud to be in the star section; to get a star for perfect exam; and to be a star in school activities. The same goes when an employee wants to be a star and get a promotion; when an athelete wants a star and be the best player; and when an actor wants to be star. It may be in a different package, but it’s a star that you want. And once you have it, you want to keep it and scream your heart out of joy. A shout out as Friendster says.

Here comes the blog part…

A blog to broadcast? Yes! Isn’t it just so STAR-rific? Here are some reasons:

  1. Share. You don’t only get to share your achievements to your family, friends and colleagues. Blogs are accessible to global audience. Not only star yourself, but you can also feature others worth starring.

  2. Express, Inspire, Educate. You’re not only expressing yourself to brag, blogs can inspire your readers and make them learn from you. Also, receiving a feedback from your readers can also inspire you to do better. The comments that you get are also stars.

  3. Free. There are many blog sites where you can sign up for free.

  4. Easy. You just have to let your fingers do the talking. There are no rules in writing blogs. Write whatever you want and how you want it to be written.

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One Comment on “Of Blogs and Stars”

  1. Your wish is granted. 😉

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