Confessions of a Blogger

Confessions of a Blogger

My notebook and my pen are my usual buddies when I used to write for a student publication. Writing is my passion and I confess that I have ignored an essential part of being a writer.

Now I find the time and the courage to unfold my confessions. This is something I really regret.

Here goes my confessions:

I took my blog for granted.

I have blog accounts but I rarely find the time to post new articles. I always get to think of blog ideas, but I just stored them in my cellphone–in case I find the time–which have left these could-have-been-blogs abandoned in my phone memory. And yes, these blog topics are still there eighty-sixed.

I did not exercise my freedom.

There it is waiting to press on the keys but I did not act as if I’m tied. Not practicing freedom is a misuse of freedom. I could have enjoyed the freedom of self-expression and of the press if only I wrote at least a blog in a week, but I was too busy for blogging. I know it’s not an excuse and I admit that’s just so stupid of me.

I have forsaken my blog community.

Since I rarely visit my blog site, it’s implied that I too have not communicated with my blog community. If only I made blogs regularly then other bloggers would know of me. If only I blogged my opinions and ideas then the other bloggers would learn and get inspired. If only I have shared my memories then my friends and I should’ve kept in touch. But I didn’t. I have deserted my blog. I am a cast away from the blog community.

I banned myself from fame.

There are millions of bloggers around the world and the Internet enables like-minded bloggers to create their community despite ocean-apart distances. I could have made myself known to blog communities, but I have kept myself curbed. And I have missed posting comments on others’ blogs and have missed the comments they could have given mine.

I ignored fortune.

I paid no attention to something that could have paid me. Yes, blogging could have given me fortune. Blogs can be used for products or service promotion, blog ads, affiliate marketing, etc. Blogs can be used for business purposes, as per Internet marketing, but regretfully I did not use mine.

Having a blog is a must for writers. And anyone can own a blog.

I have fearlessly revealed my confessions and I hope I won’t be doing any confessions after this. Now it’s time that I pay for my regrets and this blog is my new beginning.

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